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How to Adapt Amid the Pandemic’s Influence: 3 Scalable Solutions


How to Adapt Amid the Pandemic’s Influence: 3 Scalable Solutions

By Kaycee Kisling

Before COVID-19, the multifamily industry was arguably a much simpler space; traditional fundamentals were sufficient and there was less pressure to adopt mass digital-first solutions. The pandemic has propelled us into a new way of thinking: virtual connections, automated support, a customized user experience, and innovative communication platforms.


As the stages of the pandemic have ebbed and flowed, versatility in the multifamily industry is a resulting priority that is here to stay. The following scalable solutions, driven by the pandemic’s influence, have successfully elevated and equipped our teams to be more adaptable to future residents at a moment’s notice.

Empower Future Residents with Remote Options

It is imperative that today’s multifamily sales function just as well with face-to-face interactions as in instances of semi- or fully remote interaction with team members. A heightened focus on your remote capabilities creates a seamless future resident process, enables team members, and ensures the “white glove experience” that residents know and love is not diminished.

The integration of modernized technology can transform future residents’ online search for a home at the convenience of their fingertips. Amid the pandemic, Mark-Taylor put enhanced technology at the forefront with the following upgrades:


    • Custom Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    • Virtual and self-guided tours
    • Improved online scheduling
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) support tool


These innovations have provided a means for team members and future residents to engage in timely and personalized, two-way communication 24/7, 365 days a year. Benefits have expanded beyond what was thought to be a temporary span of time and now, remote optionality is an essential function of exceptional service.

Optimize Resident Communication

Relationship management has remained as relevant as ever throughout the pandemic. To maintain trusting relationships, all accounts of communication should be two things: transparent and consistent.

We have discovered multifaceted value for community management and residents by creating a streamlined flow of communications through a community mobile app. The app supplements our traditional communication channels such as in-person, phone calls and email. Now, as a predisposed practice, management has been able to successfully enhance resident communication with consistency, speed and accessibility, from any location.


Stay True to your Mission & Put People First

Our unchanging mission is to create communities that invite, inspire and feel like home. While the pandemic has created obstacles for traditional means of connecting with the people at the center of this mission, innovation allows us to adapt to the changes we are experiencing in the industry and around the world. Upholding a people-first approach constitutes a new level of motivation to make fitting changes onsite, elevating resident experiences upon inquiry, at the time of leasing and finally, move-in.

A quip from 2018 states, “the pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again” (Justin Trudeau, World Economic Forum). The pandemic has clearly challenged our adaptability in multifamily housing in ways we never imagined. Yet, we have been presented with an unmatched opportunity— to transform archaic industry norms and provide a state-of-the-art experience to residents, future residents, and team members alike.

The need for speed will not be temporary as digitization, globalization, automation, analytics, and the other forces of change will continue to accelerate in 2022.


About the Author

Kaycee Kisling is an Associate Managing Director of Multifamily Investments at Mark-Taylor. A company leader for 15 years, Kisling was promoted from onsite operations to manage her extensive Class A portfolio. A mentor at Mark-Taylor and within the industry, Kisling shares successful strategies around human capital, management and community operations. A licensed real estate agent and CPM Candidate, Kisling graduated from ASU, is a member of the AMA and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

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