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Redefining Efficiency for Your Maintenance Team


The definition of efficiency within multifamily is rapidly transforming. For maintenance teams, it has evolved from doing things in a matter of days to the expectation of responding in real-time. Increased efficiency has the power to scale operational excellence and ensure your team’s maintenance services are industry leading.

Achieving a high-level of productivity and performance requires more than stellar communication – it is about fostering an atmosphere built on collaboration, trust and transparency. Here are key tips for redefining efficiency for your maintenance teams.

Develop systems to create consistency

Implementing efficient and effective maintenance systems allows for consistency across the board. For example, when routine tasks and projects are integrated into your team's daily/monthly/quarterly schedule, your community is always kept in pristine condition without fail.

Consistency is the foundation to upholding your highest, as well as your most basic, standards. The more consistently your team utilizes these systems, the more leverage your team has to be a high-performing cohort.

Introduction and execution of operational systems also allow for:

  • Reduced equipment failures
  • Decreased downtime
  • Reduction in operational and third-party support costs

Prioritize accessibility and transparency

Having the right tools for success allows for all operational leaders and onsite team members to have access to important information at their convenience. The implementation of mobile applications fosters effortless collaboration – preventing unnecessary back and forth between your maintenance team, admin/leasing team and residents.

Going paperless has allowed technicians to know what tasks are next in queue without looking at a physical turn board. It streamlines communication between all parties, and your community team can quickly access status updates with the touch of a button.

Additional benefits maintenance teams have seen since going mobile include:

  • Improved response times
  • Automated archive and notification of benchmark data
  • Access to real-time optics
  • Instant communication – residents no longer have to wait for return calls
  • Added free time to remain onsite completing maintenance requests

Provide a 5-star resident experience

Today’s residents desire self-service and instant gratification. As an ongoing best practice, stay connected with residents by keeping them updated and informed throughout the maintenance process. Providing clear, easy-to-access status updates on open requests and in addition, making a habit of explaining the work being completed ensures residents feel valued. Being transparent from the get-go saves on questions and time.

True to providing a signature 5-star resident experience, taking the initiative to test the completed services in front of the resident guarantees optimal satisfaction. Once the work order has been completed, it is also recommended to leave the resident a note describing what the issue was and what was done to complete it.

Find areas of opportunity

A crucial element of redefining efficiency for your maintenance team is utilizing reporting tools and other benchmark data to its fullest potential. Analyzing line items such as open and completion times helps identify pain points. As a leader, it is imperative you ask why a certain pattern exists as well as talk with your team to determine what they need to be successful.

Instill accountability

Set clear yet reasonable expectations and hold your team accountable. Empower your entire team to expand on the way they approach their work and take extreme ownership. A team that feels confident as well as enabled to improve upon their skill set benefits all aspects of your organization’s operations long-term.

Adoption and execution of improved efficiencies have proven to ensure that team members are set for success and residents have peace of mind knowing their home is genuinely cared for.


About the Author

Andy Keel, Associate Director of Facilities at Mark-Taylor, oversees service and facilities operations and financials. Providing direct support to onsite teams, his knowledgeable direction ensures expert execution of community maintenance services.





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