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How to Navigate Your Career Path in the Multifamily Housing Industry


The multifamily housing community is an industry of constant growth - creating new opportunities for inspired career-seekers every day. As demand for multifamily communities remains high, the influx of individuals to manage those communities is inevitable. People will always need a place to live - allowing a career path with great opportunities for education, growth, and financial security for those with a growth-focused mindset.

It is an exciting industry to build a career but how do you navigate it for long-term success? Here are some effective ways to confidently navigate your career path in the multifamily housing industry:

Understand the "why"

Understanding the "why" behind best practices and processes simply means knowing the purpose of what you are doing before doing it. When you take the time to learn reasoning- not only will you remember how something is done, but your advanced understanding will empower you to be a leader to others.

How should you seek out the "why"? Be observant and ask purposeful questions. Surround yourself with mentors whose work you want to emulate. And as a simple, yet universally important tip, take notes and keep organized records. These tactics will enable you to be independent and take extreme ownership.

Be intentional with your learning

Multifamily housing is an ever-changing industry- you will always be learning. Be intentional about how you learn, you can always be better than yesterday. Take traditional and personal education into your own hands. Do not wait for learning opportunities to arise, go and seek them out yourself.

Raise your hand to take on challenges

Be the one to raise your hand when opportunities arise- whether it be assisting with complex communities such as renovations or lease-ups, helping with new projects, or even offering to cover shifts at other communities. When you are willing to leave your comfort zone and take on a new challenge, that is when professional growth happens, and bigger opportunities present themselves.

Raising your hand is a great networking opportunity and offers the chance to meet and learn from others within your company. Networking is critical in every role and position - taking advantage of challenges and raising your hand is one of the best ways to increase your visibility among company leadership.


Be resilient and self-aware

The truth is, no one likes to be told no. Be willing to be self-reflective and lean into why you did not get the job or promotion. If you do not get an opportunity that you feel you are ready for, see what skills you can develop for your next role. Take the time to recognize your achievements and evaluate areas where there is opportunity for future growth. Learning how to self-reflect exemplifies professional maturity, resilience and loyalty.

Navigating your career path in multifamily housing is not always smooth - but it is one that comes with great reward. Whether you are on the community management or service side of the multifamily housing industry, you are having a direct impact on people's lives. Creating an inviting home-like communities would not be possible without all team members in multifamily housing willing to grow professionally and personally.

About the Author:

Kaycee Kisling is a Managing Director of Multifamily Investments at Mark-Taylor. A company leader for 17 years, Kisling was promoted from onsite operations to manage her extensive Class A portfolio. A mentor at Mark-Taylor and within the industry, Kisling shares successful strategies around human capital, management and community operations. A licensed real estate agent and CPM, Kisling graduated from ASU, and is a member of the AMA and the Institute of Real Estate Management.


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