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The 2023 Mark-Taylor Awards

Celebrating Our People & Their Impact | The 2023 Mark-Taylor Awards


Our annual Mark-Taylor (MT) Awards celebrate excellence, honoring our team members' outstanding achievements over the past year. These individuals consistently embody our MT guiding principles, elevating our organization to unprecedented heights. Their unwavering dedication, integrity, and commitment significantly contribute to our shared success. Please join us in extending our congratulations to our 2023 winners.  

David Rubalcava Named Facilities Technician of the Year

Serving as a Facilities Technician at Mira Santi, David has displayed unmatched dedication, ensuring that our community is maintained at our 5-star standard of service. He demonstrates extreme ownership and the right attitude in his daily work.  

Irma Rodriguez Named Housekeeper of the Year

Irma provides excellent service to her community through timely and thorough cleanliness of turned units, models, guest suites, and common areas. She always brings a positive attitude and exemplifies an inspiring enthusiasm for every aspect of making people feel at home. 

To'Anya Reid Named Leasing Consultant of the Year

To'Anya is a motivated individual who has created an elevated experience for our team members, residents and partners over the past 15 years. Through transparent communication and leadership, she provides valuable guidance and upholds a commitment to Do the Right Thing.  

Calep Mendoza Named Service Technician of the Year

Calep is a team player who has made a great impact across our portfolio this year. He is an invaluable source of knowledge on technical and operating systems, always raising his hand for new challenges. Most recently, he played a key role in the successful turnover of 50 homes during a takeover in two months.  

Abby Walker Named Assistant Manager of the Year

As the Assistant Manager of The Regents at Scottsdale, Abby exemplifies excellent work ethic and transparent communication by handling challenges, new initiatives, and all directives her community was involved in. She leads by example by Choosing the Right Attitude and successfully keeps her team connected day in and day out.  

Travis Cecil Named Manager of Facilities and Service of the Year

Travis is steadfast in leading the Service team to achieve productivity, positive resident relations and expertise in service operations. He is well-respected within his peer group and always upholds our MT standards. He displays our Be Better Than You Were Yesterday mentality by coming in early, staying late and always holding his team accountable.  

Cassie Haverland Named Manager of Community Operations of the Year

Cassie takes extreme ownership of overall operations, development and performance of her community. She leads her team by example and is a thought leader when it comes to new strategies and initiatives. Cassie serves as a brand ambassador and mentor, not only to her team but several others throughout the organization. 

Jaime Bojorquez Named Rookie of the Year - Admin Teams

In his short time as the Manager of Community Operations for The Regents at Scottsdale, Jaime has fully embraced our MT core values. His selflessness and loyalty are evident through his mentorship and encouragement of his team to be the best they can be.  

Rolf Vanlshem Named Rookie of the Year - Service Teams

Rolf's unwavering focus on our MT principles is evident in his exceptional work. Whether handling service requests, maintaining our amenities, or providing team member support, he approaches his responsibilities with the right attitude. He has the ability to wrap his arms around his team and create necessary cohesion at the perfect time.  

James Craten Named Mentor of the Year

James offers unwavering support and guidance, even on tough days, inspiring other team members with his passion and care. His efforts in fostering professional development and prioritizing the best interests of others define his exceptional mentorship — extending across many of our teams.  

BB Living Team Receives Team Achievement of the Year

The BB Living Team exemplifies our MT principles by supporting one another and fostering an inspiring impact on the community, residents, clients, and Mark-Taylor through their collaborative efforts. Despite challenges and obstacles faced, their performance and measurables always exceed projections.  

Lino Frias Named Corporate Employee of the Year

As our Transition Manager, Lino surpasses expectations in his demanding and intricate role, always helping others in and outside of his department. His passion, teamwork, and positive attitude set up our teams for success, providing monumental value to our organization.  

Ciera Moraga Receives Mark-Taylor Award

The Mark-Taylor Award represents the highest honor at our organization. Ciera goes above and beyond in her work, displaying determination, humility, and integrity — she embodies each one of our MT guiding principles daily. Ciera has a tenured track record of accomplishment and a history of distinguished service that has made a lasting impact on Mark-Taylor.  

Congratulations to all the 2023 winners and finalists for their outstanding contributions. Here's to an amazing 2024! 

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